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Razer’s Basilisk Ultimate includes a $50 Steam gift card at Best Buy

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$40 off the original cost with a nice freebie included

Best Buy is offering an attractive deal on Razer’s Basilisk Ultimate wireless gaming mouse that includes a charging dock. The current price is $40 off, and you’ll get a $50 gift card to Steam for no extra cost. Amazon is selling this mouse for a similar price, but the Steam gift card bundle is exclusive to Best Buy. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Steam is looped into this deal since its big Summer Sale is happening, bringing discounts to many digital PC games through July 8th. This $50 could get you several games or pay for all of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, as an example.

Compared to other mice in Razer’s lineup, this one has perhaps the most features. The scrollwheel can tilt for extra inputs, the DPI clutch for your thumb is handy for sniping or making other precise movements, and the resistance of the scrollwheel itself can be tweaked with a dial on the Basilisk Ultimate’s bottom.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate with $50 Steam gift card-$130-$169-24% off

Razer’s most customizable wireless mouse, the Basilisk Ultimate, includes a charging dock. In addition to letting you tweak the Chroma RGB, it has a removable sniper button and an adjustable scroll wheel.

$130 at BEST BUY

Both Woot and Best Buy are offering solid discounts on Intel’s 9th Gen Core i9-9900K eight-core processor (3.6GHz base clock, 5GHz boost). It costs $310 at Woot, while Best Buy is selling it for $316. It’s not a bad deal for a high-end model that, despite releasing in late 2018, should still be a very solid performer for gaming and other processor-intensive tasks for years to come. When it launched, Intel called the i9-9900K the “best gaming processor in the world.” Plus, it’s definitely modern enough to meet the requirements for Windows 11 — murky as those currently are.

In case you weren’t aware, Intel’s 11th Gen CPUs require newer motherboards that support the LGA 1200 socket size to fit correctly. The 9th Gen processors have an LGA 1151 socket that makes them compatible with motherboards that are often more affordable than ones made to fit Intel’s latest processors.

Intel Core i9-9900K-$310-$580-47% off

Intel’s Core i9-9900K was released in late 2018, touted at the time by Intel as the “best gaming processor in the world.” It originally debuted for $580, but you can get it for far less than that, and it might be worth opting for if you already have a motherboard that supports LGA 1151 socket CPUs.

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